Sunday, February 19, 2012

Building a Fence

So we desperately wanted to get a puppy, but first wanted to build a fence so that our property was totally enclosed. It was about 80% enclosed when we got the place, but the fence would just start and end randomly. Below is the before pictures. There is a gate present, but it attaches to nowhere. We used the information from the Lowe's website.
So first we measured out where the fence would have to go, using string to keep a straight line. Then we used spray paint to mark where the holes for the line pots should go (ours were spaced about 9 feet apart). Andrew then used a post digger to dig the holes.

Then, we mixed up the cement in a wheelbarrow and poured the concrete around the post.

 Here's what the post looked like. We let the concrete dry  for 24 hours, making sure to cover the tops so that rain doesn't get inside to rust the line post. We used Seran wrap with a rubber band, because we hadn't purchased the post caps yet.

Next we assembled the top rails. These were from home depot, and were made to slide into eachother to make longer segments. We then had to saw it to size.
 We placed line caps on the line posts, fittings on the corner posts, and attached the top rail.

 We then decided to attach wire to the bottom of the fence, to make it more difficult for a dog to dig under the fence.

Then we attached the fencing to one post, unrolled it, and cut it to length.

We inserted the tension bands, stretched the fence, and attached fittings.


 And here's the newest member of the family! With so much room to run around!

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